From the first time I touched a Wang 2200B my sophomore year in high school, I knew computing and code and technology would be a part of my life somehow. My first project was to create a banner of my first name using a block of each letter. I spent 2 days trying to create a block “J”. Lots of loops, lots of “try agains,” and lots of printer paper recycled.

The spirit of experimentation that gave me led me to a career in development and training that’s been going for almost 20 years now. I’ve evolved from a world where desktop development was king, to the Modern Era where anything you can do, you can do on the web.

While I understand the economies of scale that remote training and work offers businesses, I continue to be inspired and invigorated by being in front of live people whether that’s a team of developers or a class of students. I want learning to be entertaining, because it works better that way, and because— well, because life’s just too damn short.

In my free time, I’ve been known to play some Texas Hold ‘Em poker. The unique blend of mathematics and psychology is a never-ending puzzle to be solved. I also enjoy exploring the natural gifts of Oregon; I’ve been here over 15 years and I still feel as though there’s so much left to discover.

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